EasyMTP/CGMap July 2010 Update

posted Jul 8, 2010, 4:00 AM by a.pastore@cgxchange.org   [ updated Jul 9, 2010, 1:17 AM ]

Update July 9 at 9,50am GMT+1

On Center's request, FIS has actually been opened for submission. Current deadline is 31 July.

This is good news, since financial data and other data sourced from FIS will be aggregated in CGMap. So back to business as usual.

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Update July 8 at 8,25pm GMT+1

We are verifying news about FIS open for submission. If confirmed, we will update the information below regarding aggregation of financial data.


FIS data submission not available

This year’s MTP document and project fact sheets will not contain any financial data originated in FIS.

The CGMap team will support Centers and Programs in finalising a MTP document and sections, but unlike previous years, we will not assemble the financial tables. Other data from FIS used in CGMap will not be available, (e.g. Target Regions, project level System Priorities) and consequently these fields and associated search criteria will not be displayed/available in CGMap.

We recommend you do update the countries (both potential beneficiary and countries of planned research) so as the maps and related search criteria will be updated and available.

Critical issue with MS Word 2007

We have discovered a critical issue in EasyMTP when pasting content directly from documents processed in MS Word 2007.

Critical performance issues occur when content with extra code from Word is pasted. We discourage you to paste from Word directly. See the alternative procedure in the FAQ: Garbled code appears in reports when content is pasted from Word2007

Embeddable project maps coming soon

A new feature of CGMap will be launched later this month: embeddable maps and lists of projects from your MTP.

What does it mean in practice? That a map with your Center/Program projects can be easily embedded on your Center Web site and any other online application. This way, the information submitted and included in CGMap can be reused and travel more easily outside of the original system.

If this feature is interesting for you, please forward the link to this update to your Web communications people: we’ll be happy to show them the potential uses of this new feature.