EasyMTP Update March 2009

posted Mar 26, 2009, 9:30 AM by a.pastore@cgxchange.org   [ updated Mar 27, 2009, 7:48 AM ]

The EasyMTP Updates go online

Starting from March 2009, the Updates for the EasyMTP Focal Points will be published on the brand new CGMap-EasyMTP Helpdesk site. Email communications will be reserved to specific matters.

New CGMap Helpdesk Web site
The CGMap-EasyMTP Helpdesk site is now public and aims to provide useful information to both the EasyMTP end users and the technical focal points based in the Centers. It is hosted on CGXchange 2.0, a new online collaboration toolset that we have just introduced as the reincarnation of CGXchange. Read more about what's new on CGXchange 2.0.

What you can find on the CGMap-EasyMTP Helpdesk:
  • The Downloads area is reserved to the Service Packs and software updates.
  • The Documentation area is for guidelines, practical documents, user guides. 
Some picks for you:
The Helpdesk email is the usual one: cgmap-support@cgiar.org 

New reports start to look good!

As anticipated, we are working on the upgrade of the report functionality of EasyMTP.

The issues found last year (for example, special characters not being exported correctly) are being eliminated. Once the upgrade is installed, it will be possible to open the reports in MS Word, where they can be saved in .doc format with a cover, styles, table of contents and horizontal layout of the logframes to save space.

Moreover, the lists of Countries of Planned Research and Potential Beneficiary Countries will be included as annexes to the report, so you will be able to check that the data has been entered and, at the same time, output a more compact final document.

We expect to release the Service Pack with the report upgrade by the end of April. Ad-hoc communications will follow in due course.

EasyMTP Online Training Sessions

We are just about to complete the EasyMTP training for the Centers and Challenge Programs that will be using EasyMTP for the first year.

Hosted systems

CIP, ICARDA and IFPRI EasyMTP's have been migrated to the hosted environment. 

Although we announced we were no longer in the position to migrate the local systems to the hosted environment, we have managed to find a different way of  running the application on our servers even with reduced capacity. After a round of testing, we have agreed with the other Centers which run EasyMTP locally to leave the system on their local networks for this year. 

We will soon document this more efficient configuration and share it with the Centers' technical focal points, in case they want to adopt it for the locally installed systems.

News on CGMap

Last time, we mentioned that we were working with colleagues at the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Plan on a Web-based map of research activities in the region. 

The CGIAR Research Map is now online and is getting a lot of attention. Since it was announced a month ago, the map has been viewed around 500 times! We blogged about it in Africa research is on the map: this post is in the top ten most viewed articles on the ICT-KM blog this month.  

We are currently working on Phase II of the project that will see broader use of georeferenced information to make the maps richer and more usable.

If you are into geographical information systems, keep an eye on the African Geospatial Week taking place in Nairobi from March 31 to April 4.

Until the next update, take care!

The CGMap Support Team