MTP 2011-2013 upload status - 3 September 2010

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MTP narratives and logframes uploaded via EasyMTP as of 3 September:
  1. Bioversity
  2. CIAT
  3. CIFOR
  4. GCP
  7. IFPRI
  8. ILRI
  9. IWMI
  10. World Agroforestry

In the pipeline:
  1. Worldfish
  2. CPWF

Financial data submitted to FIS as of 2 September (at time of publishing this announcement):
  1. Bioversity
  2. CIAT
  4. CIFOR
  5. IFPRI
  6. ILRI
  7. World Agroforestry
  8. IWMI
  9. Worldfish

Progress of MTP document assembly and submission to CGMap

There have been a number of deadline extensions of the financial data submission. Consequently, the assembly and formatting process of the MTP document (narrative and financial tables) has started this week.

EasyMTP focal points will start receiving requests for review and submission this week. The review and submission procedure has been updated to reflect the voluntary nature of MTP submission this year. The document is available in the User Guides: the actual steps required for review and submission have remained unchanged, with the exception that there is no review by Science Council and that not all Centers are submitting, and not all at the same time.

How is the MTP data going to be published this year?

As soon as focal points complete the submission, the submitted documents become available for download from the Download MTPs area of CGMap for public access. Center/CP staff can download the document for further formatting and layout improvement for their own purposes.

The MTP database submitted via EasyMTP is transferred to the CGMap database. Date stamp certifies that the submission is official and that the version available in CGMap (both as document and as database) represents the reference version of the Center/CP MTP for the 2011-2013 period.

Update of CGMap database starts:
  • The MTP databases are transferred to the CGMap database where projects and outputs can be searched and analysed;
  • MTP documents are converted to PDF as individual sections for the Browse MTPs area and indexed in the Google Custom Search Engine to be retrieved via Search CGIAR;
  • Project fact sheets are generated by aggregating information from EasyMTP and FIS and become searchable via Search Projects;
  • Maps are updated.
  • New: database exports will be produced in XML format for reuse in other Web sites and applications: read more about embeddable maps.

Important note on MTP 2011-2013 data coverage

Considering the voluntary nature of MTP preparation and submission in 2010, CGMap will include only the data as submitted by the Centers and the Programs in EasyMTP and FIS. This will impact the amount of data offered in CGMap and in some cases, the Advanced Search functionality.
  • For the Centers that have uploaded both narrative and financial information: the full MTP document will be assembled, data made available online: project fact sheets will be complete. Projects and outputs will be retrievable via the Advanced search using the criteria based on FIS data;
  • For the Centers that have uploaded the narrative but are not submitting the financial information to FIS: the MTP document without the financing plan chapter will be made available for review and submission. The database will be made available online in CGMap, but no financial data will be included or displayed in the project fact sheets, nor will it be retrievable in the Advanced Search using the criteria based on FIS data.