Starting work on your 2010-2012 MTP? Refresh your memory!

posted May 8, 2009, 3:59 AM by   [ updated May 8, 2009, 4:42 AM ]
We know some of you have started editing the MTP to prepare the next update due in June.

If you need to refresh your memory on what you can do this year in EasyMTP, here are a few helpful pointers:

  • EasyMTP 2010-2012 Practical Guidance Document and its Annex (PDF, 1.5MB)
    Practical instructions on how to update the content in your EasyMTP systems, based on available functionalities, the Science Council guidelines and the analysis requirements in CGMap; the Annex contains the user guide on how to edit the required information in EasyMTP and FIS.
Do not roll over the MTP if you need to start from existing content: just edit the titles, assign or reassign the projects, that's it!

For all your help request, contact

The EasyMTP/CGMap Support Team