Computer setup for EasyMTP online training session

This is a brief guide to set up your computer/-s for the EasyMTP online training session.

Voice goes over Skype or phone
  • Are you going to sit together at the same computer, mic and speakers? In this case, we only need one Skype ID, the one of the person who will log in
  • If more participants are joining from different locations, email the Skype IDs of all participants to
  • If you're using a computer in a conference room, please make use it's got Skype installed
  • Send us an alternate telephone number where we can reach you in case skype doesn't work well enough

Presentation and tour of EasyMTP are conducted via desktop sharing on computer connected to the Internet
  • Web browser: Mozilla Firefox or IE6 or IE7 (doesn't work with Chrome)
  • Half an hour before the meeting, we will send you an invitation from a system called Dimdim
  • Open the email from the computer you'll use to connect
  • Click on the top-right link or if broken, on the long link at the bottom of the message
  • This opens a Dimdim Join Meeting page: enter your participant name in the empty box below the meeting room box
  • This will start a system check: operating system, browser and Flash plugin. The latter needs to be version 9 or higher. If not already installed or insufficient, find the link on the right to the Adobe Flash Player plugin download page. Click on it and follow the instructions on the page to install the plugin.
  • When ready, it's possible that you'll need to restart the browser. Follow the procedure again to join the meeting.
  • If the system check is successful (all three checks are green), you will be redirected to the meeting room. 

Dimdim meeting room for participants

On the left, you see all the participants.

In the center, watch the shared screen or presentation.

To adjust the view, you can 'Adjust size' or 'Fit screen' (smaller) or go full screen.

At the end of the meeting, click 'Leave meeting' on the top right corner.

Please be available to do the system check and a quick adjustment half an hour before our scheduled meeting,